Ashley Greene Shows Her Nipples In ‘Wish I Was Here’

ashley greene nipples Ashley Greene Shows Her Nipples In ‘Wish I Was Here’

“Twilight” star Ashley Greene shows her nipples in a see through white tank top with no bra in this screen shot from her new film “Wish I Was Here”.

Clearly in this movie Ashley Greene is playing a slouchy hippie slut who is undergoing some sort of existential crisis. However, what Ashley should be wishing for is a good push-up bra to lift those saggy titties up before she develops scoliosis.

Yes Ashley Greene’s shameful female breasts are clearly dragging her down. Of course us Muslims have the answer to Ashley’s problem in the form of a stiff burka (which could prop up even the floppiest of tit meat), or some quick swings of a sharpened scimitar. Either way the result is the same… women with excellent posture who display absolutely no signs of their sinful chesticles. This is just one of the many reasons the civilized Islamic world is the greatest place to live.

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