Even Channing Tatum Is Impressed By ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Co-Star Michael Strahan’s Six-Pack

Umm, so was everybody aware that this is what Michael Strahan has got going on under his suit every morning on daytime television? Because I for one, was not.
But thanks to the folks at Good Morning America, now we know! In case you haven’t heard, the Live With Kelly Michael co-host isn’t just hosting anymore. Nope, he will be showing off his acting skills in Magic Mike XXL.
This could be the second best behind the scenes photo we’ve seen. 

matt bomer takes it (pretty much) all off in the first ‘magic mike’

I say second best because this photo had shirtless Matt Bomer. Speaking of shirtless guys, Channing Tatum seems very impressed by what Michael has got going on. I mean, those are some Joe Manganiello worthy abs, y’all. And we’ll probably get to see him stripping up a storm with the other guys.
Okay, can it be July 1, 2015 already, because I need to see this movie like, yesterday. Alright folks, now we need to know: where does Michael rank on your list of favorite Magic Mike XXL bodies? There are plenty of links for you to click all around this story so you can see what everyone else looks like. I’ve gotta say, Michael is pretty high on my list.

shirtless joe manganiello enjoys some beachside football with matt

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