Jennifer Lawrence Nips Out In New Film ‘Serena’

Jennifer Lawrence nips out while in a silk nightie in this scene from her new film “Serena”. “Serena” doesn’t come out in theaters until March 2015, but already it is evident that this is going to be yet another deeply depraved movie from Jennifer Lawrence.
“Serena” is supposed to be an autobiographical film about the life of famed women’s tennis player Serena Williams, but as you can see the producers have taken quite a few liberties with the script as Serena is being played by a small white girl (Jennifer Lawrence) and not a western lowland gorilla.
Bradley Cooper also stars in this film, and will play Serena’s tennis coach and main handler “Chip Flanagan”. Infidel movie audiences usually love the onscreen chemistry between Bradley and Jennifer (as they have starred in numerous critically acclaimed films together now), and they won’t be disappointed with “Serena”. The sexual tension between Jennifer and Bradley is electric throughout the film, and culminates with a passionate love scene in which Chip enters Serena’s cage and f*cks her with a banana after she wins her first Wimbledon title.

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